Aceline – in french words it means "noble at birth". Each individual is a raw gem that needs to be refined, noble or not we are all human beings. So just BE YOU, SHINE THROUGH, the rest will be taken care of by our jewelry. Aceline will be a new fresh wind that gives you a hand to glow - more than ever - with our pieces. In your journey to explore yourself, let us be your companion and together we can be bold and shine.

Made in Italy - Growing in Germany
We trust Italian craftsmanship and German productivity. We are proud to say that all our jewelry is handcrafted by Italian hands. Italian artisans indeed convinced us with their craftsmanship. We believe they are the right symbol for our quality and that is why every day we work hard on our pieces to present you the best and most beautiful jewelry from the Aceline team.

Reduce CO2 Footprint

Making you someone noble at birth is not our only mission. Since we love the planet as much as you do, we want to help protect our beautiful earth.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we decided from day one to use 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver and 18K gold for our jewelry and recycled paper for our packaging. This is our principle, we will hold on to it at all costs and hope that you will accompany us on this path.