18K Gold Plating

Our jewelry pieces are produced in 18ct gold-plated recycled 925 Sterling Silver with many layers of 18ct gol. There is also a layer of anti-tarnish on top to increase protection against corrosion, oxidation and tarnishing.

We chose to gold-plate our pieces to the keep the price affordable for our customers, as we are sensitive to the affordability of our jewelry. They are still very durable due to the anti-tarnish layer.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is the most expensive metal on the planet, much more than gold or platinum, and is extremely rare. It is hypoallergenic, extremely lustrous, withstands corrosion and is highly durable. This is the reason why we chose to plate Rhodium on our jewelry pieces. Rhodium plated jewelry pieces will be your faithful and shiny companion for a very long time.