Necklace Length Guide

Are you wondering what the different sizes of necklaces look like on your neck and chest? We get you! Everybody is different, one necklace could look tiny and short on this person but can also be a bit bigger and longer on the other ones. Hence, this guide is a relative demonstration on how our necklace lengths can look on you. Basically, our necklaces come with a 5 cm extender. This gives you flexibility to adjust your favorite length and combine them with different necklaces.

Our necklaces have the following lengths:

35 cm + 5 cm extender (this can be worn as both choker and short necklace)

40 cm + 5 cm extender

45 cm + 5 cm extender

50 cm + 5 cm extender

All these lengths are illustrated by our model. Have a look and decide what suits you best!

Ring Size Guide

Sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to find out your ring size. Understanding this, we created a printable ring sizing guide for you to easily find out your ring size.

Please note that the size of your fingers varies during the day. More specifically, your fingers normally get a little puffy in the morning, and they tend to expand slightly when it’s hot and shrink in cold condition. Therefore, the best time to measure the finger size is during the day. Alternatively, you can also measure both in the morning and the evening to see how your finger size changes. 

Download printable ring sizing guide
  • Other methods to measure your ring size

  • Measure your finger

  • Measure an existing ring

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