Wash jewelry with water

The best and easiest way to clean jewelry is to use warm water with diluted soap or baby shower gel. After washing the jewelry with warm water by your hands or a soft toothbrush, dry it carefully with a cotton towel or lint-free cloth.

For types of jewelry with easily scratched surfaces such as pearls, gemstones ... you should use a new makeup brush to clean instead of a toothbrush. Since jewelry is often small and easy to lose, you should avoid cleaning the jewelry in the sink. Instead, use a glass or a cup.

Say no to chemicals

Frequent chemical exposure will damage the jewelry and change its color. Even everyday items like skin creams, perfumes and cosmetics contain substances that affect the jewelry negatively.

Therefore, when cleaning your jewelry with soap or specialized jewelry cleaner, you should not soak your jewelry for too long in these liquids.

Put on and off jewelry

In order to avoid getting your jewelry scratched or damaged, you should wear jewelry after you have completed all the steps (dressing, makeup, hair styling, etc.). Furthermore, chemicals from perfumes, hairspray, and cosmetics can affect negatively to the surface of jewelry. Therefore, wearing jewelry is always the final step.

If you intend to swim, you should make sure your jewelry is safely removed before entering the pool. A high concentration of chlorine in the water can damage your jewelry. You should also remember to take off your jewelry before trying on clothes when shopping or participating in sports activities.

Going to bed without taking off all your jewelry can shorten the lifetime of jewelry. Furthermore, jewelry will be easily broken due to friction when you sleep.

Separating jewelry

Do not put all the jewelry together in a box since it could cause scratches and damages.

To preserve jewelry effectively, you should classify jewelry according to each type (rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.). The classification and understanding of each material of each jewelry will help you to easily apply the methods of cleaning and polishing jewelry in the future.

You can also store your jewelry in zippered cloth bags or drawstring bags made of soft materials like velvet or cotton for the best jewelry protection. On the other hand, you should avoid using bags made of linen, mesh, or spandex.