Aceline Influencers

At Aceline, influencers are an important part. 
Value-added content, excellent communication and thinking green is all we need.


What you get from working with us:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Send us your application, after our evaluation you will receive our jewelry immediately. Stay cool and share your real, honest and unique review with your followers.

What kind of social media platform do you use?

We are mainly active on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

As a micro influencer, I really want to work with your brand. Would you consider my application?

Yes, of couse! We value your content and the close relationship you have with your audience.

How about influencers from another country?

Our door is open to everyone.

How long will it take to get a response?

Usually it can take a couple of days, our team wants to carefully review each profile so we don't miss any of you. As soon as we have our decision, our team will contact you. If your profile does not fit (temporarily based on the campaigns), depending on the workload, we sometimes cannot give you any feedback on your application, but please do not give up!

How many pieces of jewelry do you send me?

They are all yours, my love.

Can I keep the products after my work?

Yes, they are all yours!

How do you send me the jewelry?

After a mutual agreement, we will send the piece of jewelery via our logistics partner.

Where is your jewelry made and what are your materials made of?

Our jewelry is proudly made in Arezzo, a very well-known jewelry city in Italy, with certified recycled 925 sterling silver, 18K gold plating and, last but not least, freshwater pearls from the Baltic Sea in Asia.

All of our production processes are transparent and described here here. You can also read about it below how to properly take care of the product.

Do I have to consider any reactions that the product might cause on my skin?

No. All of our products are nickel free, cadmium free and hypoallergenic.